As the number of our alumni grows, we have our hands full keeping up with all of the impactful work they are doing in the ESG space. Here are three more alumni making their mark.

Congratulations to Tara Leweling, CCB.D, who was recently promoted to Vice President and Chief Diversity and Sustainability Officer. Tara is well versed in sustainability having worked on the Sustainability Council at Allstate, as well as being a national security expert after working at the National Security Council at the White House and NATO. 

We would like to also tip our hat to Patty Vadnais, GCB.D. Patty recently joined Stratos as Senior Consultant within the Sustainability Strategy and Disclosure team. Stratos is a management consulting firm that focuses on ESG and the net-zero transition. Patty’s previous experience in corporate social responsibility with North Coal will definitely make her a valuable asset to her new company. 

And finally, a big shoutout to David Isherwood, GCB.D, a recent graduate from the ESG Designation Program. He is bringing his experience in renewable energy and mining to SNC Lavalin as Vice President of the Sustainable Mining division, which services the mining industry by reducing the environmental impact from cradle to grave and pit to port. 

Congratulations again to these alumni on their fabulous achievements, and we look forward to seeing how their new roles unfold! Join us again next month for another Alumni Spotlight.

Ira Srivastava is Competent Boards’ Program Coordinator. Follow Competent Boards on LinkedIn.

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