ESG Modules

Need to know about a specific aspect of ESG? We’ve broken down our ESG Certificate Program into individual modules. Dive into our selection of micro-credential programs!

What you will get with each Module:

ESG modules:


Learn how environmental, societal and geopolitical issues are changing expectations of businesses and the future of work, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, high inflation, the effects of COVID-19, data usage, AI, human rights and social justice.


Learn how to lead and plan to ensure resilience and business continuity during major disruptions, such as geopolitical upheaval, climate change, pandemics, societal changes and digital innovation.


Learn about the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they are affected by regulatory trends and government incentives in different parts of the world.


Take a closer look at why and how climate change impacts the environment, oceans, biodiversity, health, and the global economic and socio-economic outlook.


Learn about the rapidly growing expectations for disclosure around environmental, social and governance topics, plus how companies are best responding to those demands.


Learn about the impact of environmental and social disasters on supply chains, plus how to identify, assess and manage important risks.


Learn how to foster a pipeline of diverse talent into and through your company, understanding the full spectrum and business value of diversity itself as well as the regulations around it.


Learn the changing risks and expectations associated with anti-corruption, integrity, ethical practices and transparency.


Learn the business impact of the digital revolution, including blockchain, big data and AI generated opportunities.


Learn the latest global trends in taxation, investments and pay policies that will help drive ESG best practices at your business.


Learn and manage the material issues that you need to communicate to your shareholders and stakeholders.


Learn what good governance means now, and how that will evolve in the future.

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Primarily discuss the topics through the lens of serving on the board. You must be serving on at least one board with fiduciary responsibility to enter this stream.

Discuss the topics through a wide range of business perspectives (including the board) and comprise senior executives, investors, and board advisors.

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