ESG Module: Understanding New Geopolitical Risks and Expectations for Companies





Learn how environmental, societal and geopolitical issues are changing expectations of businesses and the future of work, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, high inflation, the effects of COVID-19, data usage, AI, human rights and social justice.


In this module, you will:

Elevate your ESG awareness through our toolbox of self-reflecting questions, readings, case studies, and mind-opening recordings of leading ESG experts

Understand how to identify and deal proactively with changing shareholder expectations

Examine organisational purpose and how to ensure it adds value

Understand how asset managers, hedge funds, high-wealth individuals and proxy advisors are impacting boards of directors and board agendas

Study the fast-evolving views and understandings of fiduciary duty across regions

Study the tsunami of guidelines, regulations and ESG reporting frameworks that are impacting businesses’ licence to operate

Identify new business models such as stakeholder capitalism, the circular economy, regenerative and net-positive businesses and the 5th industrial revolution

Explore the role of board committees in embedding ESG in business strategy

Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

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