ESG Module: Addressing Tax, Investment and Pay in an ESG-Focused World





Learn the latest global trends in taxation, investments and pay policies that will help drive ESG best practices at your business.


In this module, you will:

Learn when tax optimization is no longer carried out in a responsible manner

Understand the cost of ownership in a volatile world, looking at the dilemmas you face when making long-term investments

Learn what information you need to make well-informed capital investment and capital expenditure (CapEx) decisions

Uncover how to incentivize leadership for ESG in the short, medium and long term

Examine the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on tax, investment and pay strategies, including income inequality

Look to the future changes in global tax policies that will drive ESG investments

Understand oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

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