Our CEO and founder Helle Bank Jorgensen’s new book, Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards, rapidly became an Amazon bestseller. 

The reviews are good, too. Here’s a sample of a recent one by Colin Jordan on Medium

“It’s clear she feels that for anyone self-aware enough to have their finger on the pulse of the post-modern corporate jungle, the implementation of ESG values to board leadership techniques equates to survival. One without the other in an increasingly digitized and remote set of workplace scenarios and relationships is becoming improbable.

“By spelling it out in concise but deliberately simple word choice, there’s no room for skirting or ‘interpreting’ what Jorgensen writes about, other than how she intended. It’s an effective tactic that many other books covering similar topical themes in the nonfiction subcategories of leadership advice and self-help might want to embrace.”

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