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Amy Hepburn,

CEO, Investor Leadership Network

Amy Hepburn is a recognized Impact Investing expert and social entrepreneur with deep expertise on gender lens social investments and the care of children in crises. In this capacity, she has spent 20 years driving social change globally in the private, non-profit and public sectors through the creation of unique public/private partnerships and investing for high impact social returns.

Her partners consist of visionary leaders and influencers, governments, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, forward thinking companies, foundations and venture philanthropists seeking innovative solutions to persistent social issues. Amy was a delegate on the first G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council created by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and an active member of the NationSwell Council and The Global Women’s Forum on Economy and Society.

She has Faculty appointments at Duke University and George Washington University where she teaches on social impact, gender equality, the care of children in crises, human rights and humanitarian action.

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