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Chris Hagler,

Partner, ESG, Independent Point Advisors, Former Ey Sustainability Practice Leader

From the board level, throughout the organization and down to the bottom line, Chris brings more than 20 years of business expertise when working with clients to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. Chris recently joined Independence Point Advisors, a women-owned investment bank and advisory firm, as Partner, ESG. Prior to her current role, Chris was a leader in EY’s ESG practice focused on integrating ESG into company strategy through oversight, strategy building and effective implementation. Her work spanned an organization to result in value for the company, people and the planet.

Effective companies must utilize scientific, data-based approaches to address and plan for dynamic changes in employee requirements, consumer sentiment and investor expectations. Chris leverages her 10+ years in ESG and experience with some of the world’s largest financial services and consumer products companies to create integrated strategies to drive that positive impact, create business opportunities and reduce risk.

Chris formerly hosted EY’s Sustainability Matters podcast, is a frequent speaker on ESG topics providing board and executive education, and is a regular lecturer at Georgia Tech to the next generation of sustainability leaders.

Chris brings the same passion, business leadership experience and accountability to her role as board member for the CleanTech division of a major company, the Ray C Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech, and Hub404 – a transformative green space development project in Atlanta.

Chris is a spouse and mother of two, an avid runner and gardener, a wanna-be skier and chef.

Chris Hagler

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