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Geraldine Magnier,

Co-founder and director of Idiro Analytics

Geraldine Magnier is co-founder and director of Idiro Analytics, pioneers in Advanced Analytics and Ethical AI who have delivered projects in over 20 countries and across multiple industries. She was recently shortlisted for the ‘Woman in Technology Award’ 2022 (WMB) and is an ardent advocate for the ethical use of AI in industry and society. In 2020 she was instrumental in establishing the Idiro AI Ethics Centre whose aim is to generate debate and educate decision makers of the need to instill the concept and practice of ‘ethical’ AI within their organisations. Critically, the centre also focuses on the development of standards and technologies that can be used by industry and government to ensure implementations of AI are trustworthy, transparent and bias free. 

For almost 20 years Idiro Analytics has led the way in developing innovative AI and machine learning solutions for its clients both in Ireland and internationally.  During that time it has won numerous awards such as the ‘UK Grand Prix (Data Strategy)’ award, the ‘Analytics SME of the year’ (Analytics Institute) and Idiro’s CEO won ‘Analytics & AI Leader’ of the year Award in 2020. Idiro recently launched a new product, Al-ML-Auditor, which enables organisations to audit their AI and machine learning models for bias and also enables the development of Explainable AI (XAI) (i.e. an explanation of what an AI model does in simple English) both of which will be regulatory requirements under the upcoming EU AI Act. This also allows organisations to build ethical AI models (free from bias and discrimination) as well as providing end user and regulators with a simple English description of what the models are doing. This is an enabler of a company’s SDGs targets (5. Gender Equality & 10. Reduced Inequalities) and responsible business conduct. 

Geraldine is also vice chair of the Small Firms Association (SFA) and is passionate about the crucial role that indigeneous businesses play in cities, towns and communities across the country. She continuously lobbies the Government for a ‘Small Business Strategy’ and is a regular contributor in many fora including national budget submissions, government task forces and the National Economic Dialogue. 

She is committed to the ongoing investment in Ireland’s indigeneous SME sector, and is an elected member of the Dublin City Chamber; Geraldine is a Board member of Technology Ireland (IBEC) representing Ireland’s tech sector and serves on the Skillnet SFA Steering Group of the award winning business-support programme MentorsWork.

Geraldine Magnier

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