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James McCall,

CSO, HP; Former Senior Director, Global Climate and Supply Chain Sustainability, Procter & Gamble

James McCall is responsible for leading P&G’s global climate change efforts along with their end to end supply chain sustainability program, helping one of the world’s largest CPG companies reduce their environmental footprint within energy, climate, water, waste, forestry, transportation, and raw materials.  James and team manage over 40,000 incoming material suppliers, 140 manufacturing sites in 39 countries, and a distribution network that serves nearly 5 billion global consumers.  James has personally championed some of P&G’s largest sustainability programs, including their recent commitment to ensure their global operations will be carbon neutral for the decade.  First reducing emissions, then partnering with leading NGO’s to protect, improve, and restore critical natural ecosystems that can absorb large amounts of carbon while also supporting co-benefits such as biodiversity, water, and the indigenous communities that call them home.

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