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Justin Ponder,

African American Studies Professor, University of Wisconsin School of Business, DEI Author and Consultant and Co-Host of Uplifting Impact Podcast

Dr. Justin Ponder is a professor of African American Studies and Ethnic Studies. Through the University of Wisconsin School of Business and the Center for Professional and Executive Development, he provides a certificate program on diversity, equity, and inclusion. He has helped organizations and leaders consider connections between the historical past, the social present, and a better future for all.

He is the Chief Information Officer with Uplifting Impact, a DEI firm that provides consulting, training, and coaching. He has published in numerous journals and books on the issue of race and identity politics, exploring the ways to bridge the gap between who we are and who we must become to achieve a more equitable world for others. He knows how to masterfully weave the academic with the practical, the political with the personal so people can better appreciate the complexity of the issues while finding clarity about their responsibilities. In his work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, he is known for his ability to teach difficult lessons in gentle ways that combine heartbreak and humor to inspire hope.

In addition to co-hosting a podcast talking to DEI leaders across the world, he also co-hosts Uplifting Impact’s biannual How to Be an Ally Virtual Summit.

Justin Ponder

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