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Peter Hall,

Vice President, Global Director for Climate Resilience & ESG WSP Global, Advisor to the Climate Champions Team

Peter is Vice President and Global Director for Climate Resilience & ESG at WSP, has been with the firm for 36 years and leads the integration of climate action, sustainability and resilience into projects to deliver outputs that can adapt to climate risks, drive community impacts, align with finance and support ESG performance. He developed and is the director for the WSP ADAPT for resiliency & ESG Performance system that is integrated across the organization, supports the WSP Future Ready program and is applied to key projects across our range of sectors. This work – coupled with the WSP ResilienceLens Screen for Investments tool developed in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation/Resilient Cities Network – is designed to align high resilience and ESG value projects with investments and Key Performance Indicators.  He is on WSP Climate Action Leadership team and is a global leader for climate resilience within the WSP ‘Future Ready’ program.  He developed and is applying the WSP ESG advisory framework that aligns end-to-end solutions for clients to optimize investments and mitigate risks across the ESG sphere within key drivers that include Net-Zero, Climate Resilience, Nature-positive, Social Equity and Responsible Consumption.

He is on the Meridiam Investments Resilience Committee (on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation) that supports a $10bn Meridiam/PIDG Urban Resilience Catalytic Capital Fund (CCF) that is creating a shift in infrastructure that is resilient, drives net-zero progress and creates opportunities and impacts for the people that rely on their services in a climate-impacted world. 

Since 2021 he has been a seconded Advisor to the UNFCCC Climate Champions team supporting the Adaptation and Resilience Breakthroughs and business engagement programs which are driving critical sector system transformations at COP26 and 27 and in the lead-up to COP28.  He is an advisor to the Resilience Shift, Resilience Ambassador to the Stimpson Center, a member of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) and the IPCC SUP Global Dialogue Business Partners WG. Peter runs the WSP partnerships with resilience rising and the resilience cities network, on the Advisory Board for the ‘New Zero World’ campaign/film and part of the World Economic Forum Infrastructure for climate resilience Global Futures Council.

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