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Russell Burk,

Former Senior Vice President and Senior Officer, Invesco Funds

Prior to his retirement in November of 2021 Russell Burk served for nearly seventeen years as the Senior Vice President and Senior Officer of the Invesco Funds, a mutual fund organization with over $250 billion in managed assets.

During that time, Russell helped guide the Invesco Funds Board of Trustees through many complex federal and state law matters including the Board’s oversight of mutual fund and investment adviser compliance and regulation, its evaluation of fund performance and governance issues, its oversight of operational issues including fund accounting and cyber security, mergers with the VanKampen and Oppenheimer Funds, and its oversight of Invesco’s ESG investment strategies. Russell personally conducted yearly due diligence examinations of the entire mutual fund complex and rendered annual written reports to the Board where he reported his findings.

Throughout three decades of working as a lawyer and a financial services executive, Russell has been an outspoken advocate for the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace. At Invesco Russell was tasked by the Board to lead the new trustee search committee where he used his experience and influence to transform the Invesco Funds Board into one of the most diverse and competent boards in the mutual fund or financial services industry.

Russell Burk

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