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Tess Mateo,

Sustainability ESG Impact Investor, US W20 Delegate to G20, UN Advisor

Tess Mateo is Senior Advisor to AQAL Capital and the United Nations on Gender and Climate; and Managing Director of CXCatalysts, which develops public private partnerships in clean energy, water, sustainable food, and health. With her global networks developing “green economy” jobs, she is a sought-after collaborator and is a US W20 delegate to the G20.

Prior to CXCatalysts, Tess spent nearly a decade working for PwC’s Global CEO. She directed his strategic initiatives after spending 20+ years restructuring Fortune 1000 companies around the world. Tess also launched real estate and technology ventures and invests in social, fintech, and space innovators.

As a member of and an advisor to boards, she focuses on environmental and social impacts affecting enterprise value. Sample published contributions include The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change (River Publishers 2016); Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles and Practices, 1st Edition (Macmillan Reference USA 2014); Beyond Reporting: Creating Business Value & Accountability, (WBCSD 2005); “The Administrative Expense Budget” for John Wiley & Sons’ top-selling Handbook of Budgeting, Third Edition, 1997.

Tess holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Columbia Business School.

Tess Mateo

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