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Violetta Neumann-Wolff,

Systems Thinking Consultant

Violetta Neumann-Wolff is a systems thinking based consultant, trainer and coach with a key skill in identifying root causes of complex issues.
She holds a Ph.D. in the field of sustainable business. To avoid the common problem of symptom treatment, she developed her own methodology for an in-depth analysis of complex organizational problems. With that methodology she helps top management teams to uncover hidden root causes, gain strategic clarity and oversight and make better informed decisions for effective actions that foster the success of the overall organization.

Based on her values she works with leaders of organizations who aim to implement SDG topics from a holistic and systemic perspective. As strategic governance requires “inner work” as much as work on “external” organizational topics, she applies strategic coaching techniques and an AI-supported tool to uncover and release hidden success blockages. This way, leaders and their organizations can better live up to their fullest potential.

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