When it comes to those who hold the most power in a nonprofit or a company, most people assume it’s the CEO or Executive Director. However, the reality is that the board is the group who has the most power. The board hires and fires the CEO and is tasked with stewarding the future of the organization in business.

Join Dr. Rob Harter as he interviews Helle Bank Jorgensen where she addresses the Sustainability Board Report and the fact that although more board directors are becoming aware of environmental, social and governance issues, their competencies for how to manage such issues are lacking. She shares how boards can determine which ESG issues deserve their highest attention and the biggest risks and opportunities that should be discussed around the board table. She explains why it’s important for boards to have a long-term mindset along with the four key traits that truly demonstrate a board’s preparedness for whatever the future brings.

Helle discusses the difference between managing and engaging stakeholders and why communication is key to understand what stakeholders want for an organization. She shares advice for bringing the next generation of young leaders to help increase value and diversity of thought on one’s board, as well as how to recruit new board members from the BIPOC community.

Finally, she addresses her new book Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards and points out why it’s so critical for organizations to understand what their impact will be seven generations from now.

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