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Désirée Lucchese,

Head of Ethics and Impact, U Ethical Investors

Responsible Investment professional with expertise in environmental systems, climate risk and the integration of ESG data into investment strategies and decision-making.

At U Ethical, Désirée leads the evolution of the ethical investment framework and U Ethical’s stewardship initiatives with investee companies, in collaboration with U Ethical’s investment team, key stakeholders (i.e. U Ethical’s Ethical Advisory Panel and UCA’s Justice and International Mission unit) and industry peers. Since 1985, U Ethical have developed a reputation for unwavering commitment to ethics-driven performance, contributing the majority of operating surplus to social justice advocacy and community programs. As a certified B Corporation, U Ethical view clients as partners on important ethical matters and do not shy away from holding companies to account on controversial issues.

Désirée Lucchese

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