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José R. Hernandez, PhD

CEO, Ortus Strategies, Author, Broken Business: Seven Steps to Reform Good Companies Gone Bad

World-Leading Corporate Crisis Consultant Introducing José Hernandez – a globally recognised expert in corporate misconduct, scandal remediation, and ethical leadership.

José has worked on some of the largest fraud, bribery and money laundering cases on record. In 2008, after being a partner with PwC, José and former FBI Director Louis Freeh established a new firm focused on corporate investigations and remediation.

In 2016, he founded his own Zurich-based crisis response consultancy, Ortus Strategies. His client list has included global giants like FIFA, Siemens, and Daimler. His two decades of experience have taught him that no business is immune from the possibility of an existential crisis. He believes that corporate misconduct is inevitable, but scandal is not.

At the core of his practice, José works to identify the deep causes of misconduct and tackle them head on before they escalate into scandal, to protect both a company’s reputation and its bottom line.

José is active in global governance discussions in Latin America, Europe, and North America. He comments in Spanish and English as an international expert on ethics and innovation; corruption and money laundering; and the future of business and leadership.

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