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Måns Carlsson,

Head Of ESG Research, Ausbil Investment Management

Måns leads Ausbil’s ESG Team who take an active approach to engaging Australia’s listed companies on environment, social and governance issues, and how they are reported and improved. Måns also leads Ausbil’s integration of proprietary ESG scoring, research and ratings within Ausbil’s top-down bottom-up valuation approach so that ESG is integrated in Ausbil’s investment process. As part of his work, Måns sits on the panel of experts advising the Federal Government on the Modern Slavery Act, and is Chair of RIAA’s (Responsible Investment Association of Australasia) Human Rights Working Group. In 2019, Måns was recognised for his work on modern slavery with the Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Award Certificate of High Commendation. Måns has been with Ausbil since 2015. Prior to Ausbil, Måns was the Senior ESG Research Analyst at AMP Capital, following positions at Carnegie Investment Bank, Macquarie Bank and Accenture, having begun his career in 2004. Måns is well known for producing and presenting consistent, high-quality ESG research covering the Australian market, and he has published numerous, highly regarded insight papers on ESG issues. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Major in Business Administration) and Master of Finance degree both from Gothenberg School of Economics, and an MBA International from Griffith University.

Måns Carlsson

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