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Alphonso David,

President & CEO, Global Black Economic Forum

Alphonso David, one of Americas foremost civil rights attorneys and a lifelong advocate for social and
economic justice, serves as the President & CEO of the Global Black Economic Forum (
Alphonso brings more than two decades of experience in the private, public, and notforprofit sectors, where
he has worked to advance the rights of marginalized communities through policy, legislation, litigation, and

As a business leader, Alphonso was instrumental in creating one of the most soughtafter addiction treatment
centers in the United States. In public service, he helped to transform broken systems that impeded the lives of
the most vulnerable, including restructuring the workers compensation and unemployment insurance systems
in the State of New York to reduce inefficiencies and deficits that had plagued these vital social safety nets for
decades. As a nonprofit leader, he created and expanded groundbreaking programs for marginalized
communities, including an impact litigation program to advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people and an HIV &
Health Equity Program to address the disproportionately high rates of HIV among black and brown
communities throughout the nation.

As an advocate, Alphonso has worked on a myriad of issues including racial and economic justice, immigrants
rights and LGBTQ+ equality. Notably, he and his legal team secured more than $23 million for immigrants who
had been defrauded by illegitimate legal service providers, stopped a racially discriminatory rating system in
broadcast radio from being implemented in the United States, and compelled all large pharmacy chain stores
to provide language access services to customers. Further, during his time in public service for the State of
New York, Alphonso was instrumental in drafting and advancing landmark legislation that removed legal
barriers allowing samesex couples to marry, paving the way for the United States Supreme Court to rule in
favor of marriage equality nationally. His work helped actualize the Paid Family Leave Act, ensuring individuals
receive paid leave to care for sick family members. His record of achievement also includes the Minority and
Women Business Program, which tripled contracting opportunities for minority and womenowned businesses
throughout New York State.

Now, as President & CEO of the Global Black Economic Forum, Alphonso is focused on reimagining what
diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity looks like in global workspaces and marketplaces, as well as
achieving the notion of economic justice for the Black diaspora globally. The Global Black Economic Forum
engages business executives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists, and consumers globally on thought
leadership; corporate and entrepreneurial career development; and advancing social and economic justice for
marginalized communities across the globe. The Forum pursues these goals through an innovative
multifaceted approach, including a strategic consulting practice that partners with major corporations on
leadership, skill building and diversity solutions; serving as a convener of key leaders at major conferences and
summits; a nonprofit foundation dedicated to social and economic justice policy; and an emerging technology
platform focused on redefining equality and equity.

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